A Fresh Start

2000 years ago Someone died for

You & Me.


We may or may not believe it but It doesn’t change the fact that Someone so loving and compassionate did allow Himself to get crucified & died for us. Nakakakilig, Nakakaiyak isipin na there is someone who is willing to give His life to actually pay for our debts, our sins. This is the love we cannot fathom; we can never really understand until we are also willing to sacrifice ourselves for someone. Well, Hindi pa nga kasi tao lang tayo. We are limited.

I am dedicating my first post in this blog to the One who truly deserves all the glory & honor. Thank You, Jesus for giving us a brand new start, a fresh one to experience life in its fullness. Thank You, Jesus for loving us unconditionally even when we were still sinners You died for us. Thank You, Jesus for Your great mercy that even if we keep on running away from You every day because of our iniquities, you also keep on reminding us how precious each and every one to You.

I Love You with all my heart, I Love You with all my soul. The words of my mouth and the works of my hand may always bring glory to You.


  1. A very good start because it’s dedicated to the ONE who gave you the talent you’ ve got.
    Looking forward to reading more of your future blogs…
    God bless.


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