My thoughts after 5 years, Love. β€

In the past, I was once a carrier of a heavy heart. A soul that is always in a silent battle. Until God laid His promises to me. He taught me to wait for the things He has for me. He wanted me to obey and actually put my heart trusting fully in His hands. I did.

I want to think that you are somewhere near me. Hustling gracefully in life. I want to think that every day you are also fighting a good fight of Faith like me. There are nights I am imagining that you are also praying for me, trusting God that no matter where this life may take us, we are already planned and time will come that we will no longer have to be apart.

The thought of you tickles my heart. I am sure that both of us aren’t perfect but because of our relationship with the Savior, we are complete, we are God’s best for each other. I believe that in His perfect time as they always say it, there will be a language of love as crystal clear as we want it. Yes, It’s not going to be all rainbows and butterflies but every day with you will be worth it. It will be a relationship that is both a blessing and a mission. A purposeful one because we will agree to honor God and obey His directions. I will not be in a hurry, I will wait patiently, For I know that God writes our love story.

The lover of my soul pursued me until I was settled in Him. He never gave up on me, there are no days he allowed me to feel empty. Not even once He abandoned me. That’s why whenever I asked myself when will He give you to me, I am commanded not to worry.

My love, I will be hopeful. I will be patient. I will see you in the future.

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