Purple cherry blossoms

Summer in Abha 💜

As I get old, I want to remember the places I used to visit, the feelings I had and how I took delight in the beauty of each scenery.

I was given a chance to work here in Middle East and I am so glad to be assigned where I don’t have to complain about the scorching temperature of this kingdom because Yes, Dearies! There is this place that stays cold all year round! (even summer) How fortunate I am, right? 😂

In addition to its gentle wind during Summer, this city becomes extra beautiful because of these Jacaranda trees that resemble the Yellow bell flowers only It is in color purple 💜 I am also reminded of the cherry blossoms during my Taiwan visit.

You can see these alluring purple trees anywhere here in Abha but If you want to truly appreciate its elegance and have a picturesque view to share in your Instagram might as well check out Abha’s Abu Kheyal park and Abha downtown area.

Here are some photos from yesterday’s stroll with my colleagues. Enjoy and be in awe of this another magnificent creation hand-crafted by God. 💜

Abu Kheyal Park

Downtown area in Abha
Jacaranda tree in its full bloom. How beautiful, sa? 😂

In my humble opinion, Saudi Arabia isn’t just a desert. I just pray for more openness in this nation ’cause I truly believe that this country has a lot of pretty things to offer.

To my muslim friends, this one is for you! 

Taken from Abha Palace

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