Change is just around the corner

“Life is full of changes. One day you have an apartment, the next day it’s a house of dumplings. But the important stuff doesn’t change. To the important stuff. ”

– Lily Aldrin HIMYM S1E8 (The Duel)

Have you ever been in that moment of your life where all you can think of is your next plan? Like, you wanted to do something right now but you can’t. You are hampered and you need to wait for the present to set the seal so you could start another. Well, sometimes you are so eager to change something while there are times circumstances are changing without you even noticing it.

While waiting, look up and be loved.

As I wait today for the current season of my life to come to an end, there are points I wanted to share which I think can help us be still and enjoy the remaining moments while we are confined in a specific phase of our lives.

▪️ Carpe Diem. A Latin word means Seize the day. It has been my go-to word every time I am soaked in a situation that seems magical and uplifting that I don’t want things to end anymore. But life isn’t like that whether you are in a good or unpleasant situation it’ll end, It’ll change and before you know it the things that immersed you are gone and becomes a memory. So, embrace it, enjoy it, be filled with it as long as you can and as long as it is good for your soul. Once it’s done, It’s done. You can never have an exact moment being done twice.

▪️Love people. It is not every day that we encounter those who are around us. People are temporary, you are temporary. One day we’re here and like a game it will be over. We are back to the One who truly owns us. People are born in a unique way, we are different from each and everyone and that is simply the truth we should all accept. I am not saying that we should tolerate poor habits, attitudes, and actions. But if we love people, we will help them, encourage them to be the better version of themselves. By that, we are not just loving them it also means we love ourselves enough to be able to lift others. We can’t give what we don’t have anyway. So love yourself too!

▪️Wait actively. Waiting without purpose is bad for your mind, body, and soul. It is tiring and saddening. One of the things my Father in Heaven told me is to wait but don’t be idle. Accomplish the things you need to do. Prepare and be equipped. Take care of your body and your mind, be healthy in many ways you can. He might ask you to do incredible things in the future that needs physical and mental strength. Like Noah in building the Ark, remember? Most especially, Strengthen your soul while waiting, exercise those spiritual muscles. We don’t know what the future holds, we don’t even have a glimpse of what are we exactly waiting for because only God knows our future. Yes, we have plans but He has better ones. His will and His ways have the final say. Waiting is fun, exciting and agonizing but we are waiting for something God prepared for us and that means whatever He has in store for us, It is what is best for us.

▪️Pray. Our mind is a battlefield. It is the most dangerous place we can ever be yet the most beautiful one as well. Prayer is our greatest weapon, available for us anywhere, at any moment. We can be anxious with what will happen next or will the plans are going to work out. Questions will pop out and nag you, do you have enough resources, knowledge or skills, all of the negativity will drain you and makes you doubtful. Believe me, I used to deny praying before because even praying is kind of a war. But this is the fight I am always sure of winning. Victory has been done thousands of years ago. Pray with humility, tenaciously and with the audacity to ask for His grace.

“At the right time, I, the Lord,
will make it happen.”
ISAIAH 60:22

We are all a wandering soul. We are in a divine progress waiting to have a breakthrough. Let’s pray for each other that we may live a life full of surprises and purposes then be a blessing to others. Allow the changes but remember who you are and to whom do you belong. Remain to your core, which is your beautiful soul.

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