Away from Home

Yesterday, I was celebrating my second year being an Overseas worker and that made me proud of myself somehow. You know, making decisions that only you yourself can be blamed, learning how to do things without anyone’s opinion, getting stuff done on your own like cooking, doing the laundry, buying groceries, and a whole lot more! Adulting as they say.

“We carry our homes within us which enables us to fly” – John Cage

Seems hard work as it may sound, but it’s not all that. Living on your own gives you life realizations and total changes that will make you the kind of a person you are intended to be, at the moment or for a lifetime. Let me share with you some of the valuable lessons I have got during these times that I was living away from home.

You are on your own, but not all the time. Working abroad is such an act of independence. No one in your true and trusted circle will be at your side 24/7, especially if the timezone from your homeland is way too far from the place you are currently in. While they are asleep you are wide awake, and you’ll realize you can’t just talk to them in your terms, that’s where respect sinks in. So, you solve your dilemmas by yourself, eat the food on the table alone, watch movies or series on your own. Spending time with yourself makes you actually comfortable with yourself. There is something with those moments of silence that you will learn about your whole being. Sometimes, we need that. Yes, you are alone and yes you aren’t lonely. Something like that! Then there are shared moments with your new-found circle, your workmates. It amazes me every time you get to know a person from a very different culture, upbringing and speaks a different vernacular from what you used to know. Having these people with you with the same situation as you (being away from home) allows you to widen your understanding. People are different human beings, we do not have the same perception and what’s comfortable for you may not be for the others. You’ll learn to be sensitive, and you will also learn to care for them because being away from home means these people will be your pseudo-family.

You will cry at night and work in the morning as if nothing happened. Don’t judge me on this! Homesickness is normal. Missing your family and friends back home is okay. Sometimes, especially if there are occasions and you are the only one missing from the group gives you that hope to be with them also. The “I want to go home” feels wants you to just book that plane ticket and forget the reason why are you working overseas in the first place. This emotional state is not loneliness and it is temporary. Eventually, when you are used to it, homesickness makes you hopeful and more excited to get the day done because that means you are one day closer in seeing them again. This strength doesn’t come from you, it is from the very reason why you chose to work away from home, the exact reason why you have goals to achieve and dreams to pursue. Your family will be your motivation and God will be the source of your strength. It is okay to cry just don’t do it every night.

Thank God for this view every after shift.

Save as much as possible, you don’t want to do this forever, right? Time spent away from home is time spent away from the people you love unless you’re gonna bring them with you, that’s a different story. As for me, I went to a place wherein I cannot bring my family so that means I cannot settle in this country. Despite that, I grabbed hold of the opportunity because one of my intentions in working here is for me to have career growth and have enough resources for my next plans. With that in mind, saving for the future is my goal. I have learned the art of delaying gratification. Not because you are earning better compared from your last job doesn’t mean you will spend your hard-earned money on temporary things. Giving yourself a reward once in a while is not bad but spending too much that compromises your goals affects your journey. Remind yourself with this; Short term-sacrifices means Long-term gains.

God is looking over you. He will always give you protection and provision. These are the things I make sure to remember. Being away from home though temporary will make you doubt yourself and forget your dreams to have a better life. These thoughts won’t help you, put them away, throw them and replace them with hope and faith. The decision you made with God in it isn’t a poor decision. He wants you to grow and be abundant. He will bring you in a spot wherein He will be praised and glorified. He will use you to be an instrument to others even if that means you have to give up your own comfort. Worry not, because with Him and for Him, isn’t a waste of time and energy. Again, Long-term gains.

Feel it. Experience it. Learn from it!

Being away from home lets you experience the things that will hone you to be the person you are meant to be. You’ll never know your strength and capacity until your only choice is to be strong and capable. πŸ™‚

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