Saying No to others and Yes to yourself

Are you a Yes person or a No person? As I look back I have always been a Yes person though it feels good sometimes I have regrets. I thought having to say Yes all the time is a positive thing only to find out that there are things that’s being compromised. Well, It’s not as bad as it would be but the consequences will show up in the future and regrets will make you realize and think “I should have said No.”

For the past years, I am in the process of learning how to decline and to not accept everything being handed to me. I have been mastering the art of discernment in every situation, people, and circumstances I am facing and it saves me a lot of time, effort and emotions not to mention finances. It came to my understanding that not because it seems okay at first will also be fine in the long run.

So here are the lists of what I thought is okay to say No.

Friday night outs. or any night outs. Well, This is my personal take on this. As one of the faces in Tita’s of Manila Club, Saying No to puyatan is so okay! Our priorities change and also our physical tolerance haha! Not Staying up late and deciding to taper off your barkada’s invite for a night life won’t make you any less of a cool person. These days, having a good and enough sleep is a heaven on earth feels for us who 1) works at early hours of the day 2) has other priorities like taking care of yourself 🙂 3) just don’t want to go at night for no other possible reason. It is your time, and you have a choice. Don’t let the opinion of others take you out of your comfort if you don’t want to. We all have 24 hours 7 days a week, setting up a date with your friends in advance isn’t a hard work. You can still see and catch up with them without compromising the needs of your body.

Toxic People. I have zero tolerance with this kind and I am not saying we should treat them less. Our disposition is very important that we should protect it and not tolerate people who brings nothing on the table but being negative and being unproductive. Being in a circle with this kind will make you a toxic one as well. Say Yes to your soul that needs growth and positive atmosphere. Agree with your core that needs productivity. Never let them drag you down but instead lift them up, as long as you can. Your love tank is so full from your Greatest source and that allows you to share it with others. Yes, You won’t allow them to eat you but you will be the one to munch on them with your positive outlook in life, with your kindness and with your being who brings out nothing but the goodness in people. 🙂

Borrowers. God loves a cheerful giver/lender. This is what I have learned from few years ago. May it be an item or moolah, it was easy for me to let others have it. Sorely, It came to a point that I am not being cheerful anymore. Ugh, Am I being selfish? I hope not. While others are thankful and sincere to the point that they will return your things and hard-earned money back, others were not. Those few others will.. I don’t know consciously forget their liability as if it was written in the air and voila, Bye! So, I have gained an understanding to say No especially if I feel like I am being used. I also learned to say Yes in helping them in other means like giving options and encouraging them to despise the act of borrowing particularly involving money. I don’t want to tolerate them and cause them to be in pile of debt over debt over debt.

Every single opportunity. Okay, I am speaking in general with this. I read a random quote saying “Don’t drink to every glass given to you, that’s where you’ll be poisoned” I am not sure if I got the exact words but the idea is something like that and I agree. A decision must be made with lots of thinking and brain-storming must be done in taking chances. In every opportunity given to us is also a life changing act. Say No to the opportunities that seems great in the beginning but will cost your being in the end. But always say Yes to those that will benefit you and others. Yes to the opportunities that let’s you see more of this life, those that will take you to places you’ve never thought of before.

Take a risk but be careful!

Unnecessary conversation. Discuss the important ones but avoid the unnecessary. People love to talk and that’s totally fine. What I don’t find necessary are the conversations that has no purpose, may it be with a half-hearted guy trying to get involved with you but no plans of making things clear or even with someone who speaks awfully about others. These are the conversations that we shouldn’t entertain. Say Yes to the exchanging of ideas that has a deeper meaning, those discussions that stimulates your mind and has a good effect on your soul. Speak blessing to others, say Yes to conversations with a higher purpose.

Yes? Are you saying something?

All these things need discernment. Decisions are made depending on the situation. I am sharing these things to let you know that you’re not alone in this process of learning to say No to others and Yes to yourself. How about you, what are your thoughts regarding this matter?

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